OMGhairstyles is a luxury vegan hair salon that offers a place where you can BE YOURSELF. Hair Guru, Brittney Carmichael, awakens your inner beauty & creates a space for you to SHINE.

Brit is known for her brilliant blondes and total confidence transformations. She creates hair to match how each of her clients feel when they leave her salon. Absolutely beautiful. 

OMGhairstyles is an exclusive ColorProof Evolved Color Care salon. Brittney is a certified Envoy Member with ColorProof, and she has been featured multiple times on Good Morning Texas for her hair expertise.




“There is no cosmetic for beauty like happiness.” -Maria Mitchell



“Wouldn’t it be powerful if you fell in love with yourself so deeply that you would do just about anything if you knew it would make you happy?...” -Alan Cohen



"When I became aware that what I wanted for myself was not actually what I was DOING for myself, I began to make a shift..."

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“I’ve never understood why people make getting their hair done about hair. Because it never is. Yes, looking amazing is what you want when you leave, but that’s going to happen anyway. What you really want is for someone to hang out with for a few hours. That’s why she’s so important to you. She’s the person you share your life with who never judges. She just listens and smiles putting out those positive vibes. She’s your friend.
Plus she makes you shine.”
 Written by her loving husband,
Christopher Carmichael



Not just a stylist... "What else can I say besides Brit is fabulous at AND loves what she does! She's been my stylist since 2009 and along the way became a dear friend. I look forward to our time together every 6-8 weeks not only because she turns my raggly-daggness into something beautiful but because we get quality time to have meaningful conversation. She has become a part of my story and I a part of hers! Keep doing what you do best, Brit!!
P.S. Book your appointment today, you won't be disappointed!"
-Lindsay Johnson

Amazing woman, great hair! "Brit is one in a million. Her energy lights up the room and she is a wonder to chat with. As for hair... You can't get much better than this! She is patient and kind. She takes the time to understand your desires and educate you on the type of hair/condition you have. She listens to your thoughts and ideas and is certainly NOT a "chopper" of hair. I loved my experience with Brit (first timer here!) and will absolutely be back without a doubt!"

Brittney is one of a kind! "I have had the pleasure of being her client since day one of her stylist career and was hooked ever since. She always listened and gave me more than I asked for. Not just because she does beautiful work, but because every time you leave your appointment you feel better about yourself and your life. Her positive attitude is intoxicating. Not only is she my stylist but she is now my professional mentor. With her encouragement, I decided to follow my dream of becoming a stylist and it has been the best decision of my life! She has taken the time to personally mentor me and share her knowledge that you just don't learn in school. Because of her I will be a better stylist. There is no one else like you and I can only hope to spread the happiness and positivity to my clients! Thanks Britt!!!!!!"
-Shelley Seals

Best of the Best! "I have had the pleasure of sitting in Brittney's chair 4 times now, and she is honestly the hair professional of my dreams! Not only does she have an awesome vision, but her quality of work (art really) is impeccable. I always leave completely fulfilled with renewed energy and awesome hair. She truly has a special gift, and I'm so thankful that she chooses to share it with me every time I see her. Oh, and she loves working on blonds too, so double extra bonus points in my book! 10+++++!!"
-Brighid J .

A True Makeover!! "I've been going to Brit for several years now with long hair & every time I've had her cut my hair it's been "just a trim" Every time I would tell her "just a trim" and she did exactly that! Brit is the only person I trust with my hair because she listens to what you want & gives you exactly that! I think I truly surprised her when I told her this last time that I wanted to cut all my hair off! She gave me a true transformation! She didn't just give me a hair cut, but the confidence I was looking for."

Amazing Haircut! Brit specialty is creating miracles. I'm getting amazing haircuts, styles and colors from her every time! I would recommend Brit to the pickiest person, and I'm 100% sure that she will love what Brit does. One word: Amazing! Thank you Brit!
-Rachel S.

The Absolute Best!! I always look so forward to seeing Brit. I always leave feeling inspired, refreshed & with badass hair! She is so knowledgeable of her craft & has such an amazing eye paired with impeccable taste. Her ability to really understand you & what you want done with your hair is on point. I could never achieve the perfect shade of blonde until I started going to Brit. I would not trust another soul with my hair now!
-Emily S.

Refreshing for the soul and hair! I had the pleasure of having my hair cut by Brit and I came away with a lot more than a great haircut. She is an amazing individual with a love for life! We shared so much in that short space of time. She is truly talented as a hairdresser and is gorgeous inside and out. Look forward to my next appointment! I would recommend her to anyone who needs a great style and a great conversation! The products she carries are amazing too - fits in with my clean living lifestyle.
-Visa S.

Words Cease to Exist! Words cease to exist to explain how much Britney and OMG has changed my life for the last 7 years. There is no one more inspirational, creative, generous, talented, and beautiful than Brittney, and I have not and will never let anyone else ever touch my hair again. She has blessed me in more ways than I can explain. I have been through more transformations than I thought possible; and Brittney has been there each time to help me create the look for my life at each glorious stop.
Blessed & Gracious.
-Dara Young